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You are welcome to visit my studio on beautiful Pender Island, one of the Southern Gulf Islands in British Columbia.
BookEnds Studio: 1105 Ogden Rd. Pender Island.

Open  Friday through Monday
11am - 4pm. mid June – mid Sept.
But you are welcome other hours, just phone ahead
ph 250 629 2947


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Hello, I’m Andrea of BookEnds Studio.

I am a well-known Canadian Author who has recently returned to my early roots in visual arts. I began by creating small sculpture/assemblage pieces from damaged books. This soon developed into also working on larger assemblage pieces and recycled furniture.

Since my original stories begin books, and my art extends the lives of discarded books, I called my studio BookEnds.

Welcome, and enjoy browsing. 


The relatively new art form  – The Altered Book – totally intrigues me. It arises directly from my love of books and story, and my despair in seeing so many books discarded. I am driven to create ways to allow a visual image to rise from the damaged pages.

Creating Fantasy Furniture also delights me. It fulfills my love of visual drama and colour. I explore offbeat ways to embellish everyday furniture with visual stories using mixed media and assemblage techniques.

Since I am also passionate about recycling and not adding more detritus to our world, I was determined any art pieces I produced should use as much recycled material as possible. My altered books are all second hand, damaged, or destined to be pulped. My furniture begins as discards that are then rebuilt and refurbished as needed, before being adorned. However the scratches and dents from their previous life are incorporated as part of their narrative.

Mixed media pieces including Encaustic, Assemblage and Collage techniques, have grown out of the ‘stuff’ a long and creative life collects. I love being able to insert into an art piece, an object that retains an emotional connection to me, be it a dried leaf, and piece of beach glass, or a small ornament. It’s a wonderful way to de-clutter!


For 35 years I have worked as a professional writer with a specialty in Children’s Literature. I've authored over 30 books in a variety of genres, plus plays, films, radio and TV scripts, and numerous articles and interviews for magazines.

Life as a writer has been terrific fun. Writing has allowed me to follow and research a multitude of interests, travel the length and breadth of Canada, and visit many other fascinating places around the world. My writing has been recognized with a plethora of awards, nominations and shortlists, but the one I am most proud of is the recognition for my children’s picture book Me and Mr Mah (beautifully illustrated by Janet Wilson). It was chosen for the Dalai Lama’s list of books that promote Cultural tolerance and understanding; something I care deeply about and a theme that is found in many of my stories.