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Blog - Between the Pages

Between the Pages #2 - An Unexpected Art Collection

Andrea Spalding

Over the years I have delighted in collecting art. I never set out to do this, it just happened. I never thought about a themed collection, but that also just happened. I never thought in terms of investment and resale value - I just chose inexpensive pieces I loved, ones I stumbled across because people I met created them.

50 years later, the unexpected result is as artistic quartet.

I now posses an interesting collection of First Nation prints by artists I’ve met – including a very early limited edition of a Bill Reid, picked up when he was almost unknown by the general public.

I’ve an eclectic collection of handmade pottery – again by artists who are friends, or from whom I’ve taken courses, Many of the pieces are Raku, for I am drawn to texture and unexpected glazes

I’ve  amassed a fun collection of folk art, both from my travels, and created by friends.

One precious piece at a time, I've also aquired a painting, an original working sketch, or a cover , from each illustrator of my picture book stories. They make an exquisite and deeply personal collection.

I have no idea if any of these collections are valuable, that is immaterial. Dave and I enjoy them all immensely; they grace our walls and bookcases and give our house unexpected character.  Each piece either delights, or makes us think, or carries a host of memories.

Nothing was chosen to ‘match the couch’ or the colour scheme. Nothing was ‘expensive’ or bought with any other motive than I fell in love with it. But the result, all these years later,  is a houseful of striking original art that visiting friends also find fascinating.

Isn’t that what art is supposed to do – speak to the heart in some way?

I discovered by chance there was no need to hang mass produced art on our walls. Art that delights can be purchased from talented friends, at farmers markets, craft sales, artists studios and local galleries.  Start small, one piece at a time, the only criteria being - ‘does it speak to you in some way?‘

If you choose a piece of art because you love it, no matter what you paid, it becomes priceless. If you choose one small piece of original art that you love, every time you go on a trip, by the time you are 70, you too have a meaningful ‘collection’.

I grew up in working class Manchester UK where not one person I knew had ‘art’ on their walls. I have loved discovering ART can be a part of everyday life.